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Is Your Website Running Slow or Not Getting the Results You Expect?

With the holiday shopping season in full effect and all the talk about the government healthcare site having lots of trouble, it is important to make sure your website is running properly. If your website is crashing, loading slowly, not getting you the traffic that you once had or not meeting the goals you have, then you need to most likely need to audit your website.

Use Your Resources and Free Tools

When auditing your site it is good to get some foundation and data to see where you are really at. Running a speed load test is important and simple to do. The longer it takes your website to load the lower the chance your visitor is going to hang around. You will lose more and more traffic with long load times. If you find you do have a long site load you may have excess code that can be optimized or you may be running lots of third party cookies and could benefit greatly from a Tag Management System like BrightTag. It is the best in the business and all the major e-commerce players use it. They offer trials and may have what you need to make your retail site perform better and earn more revenue. Another simple thing to do is ask for an opinion on your site from clients, employees, friends, family, etc. Let them know you want their true feelings on your site and not fluff. Fluff will not help you make your site better; you need the real meat and potatoes. This will allow you to see if there are little issues or major problems with your website. Ask them what websites they do like and why? Remember that you need this as a way to improve the way things are going so do not take it personally if they have negative things to say. Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to make sure you are really getting the scope of what is happening with your site and your visitors. Having a simple visitor counter is very shallow for analysis and you need to be able to dive in deeper. You want to have the ability to see where your clients are coming from, how long they are around, and what pages they may be interested in. Google will also let you know if you have errors, warnings, and penalties that may be hurting your site. Best of all these programs are free and fairly easy to install. There are endless help videos and blogs for learning to use these tools as well which will help with what is important when using these.

Time to Start Over & Hire a New Firm

One of the most common things that happens to a company’s site is that they have marketing and web development companies handling their website but are not seeing any results. If you have been using a company for months or years and they are not providing an ROI for you, it may be time to cut the cord. Many website development companies feel like they are also professional marketing companies and in many cases that is not true at all. It is similar to an electric company acting like they are an HVAC professional or plumbing expert. Many facets of websites, digital marketing, and design are really specialized fields. I am really good at Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is referred to in the industry, but I am no way a pro at Paid Search advertising or website design. If you have a web company that is saying they are the best at everything and still not showing the results that you are expecting, it is time to hire a new firm. Look for a firm with a nice list of clients, experienced members of the team, and most of all a company that is not over-promising results. With the new year around he corner now is the time for you to revamp your online presence and aim for a stronger 2014 than the years past. Look at fixing the easy and basic parts of your site or cut lose the things holding you back. If you are looking for a professional digital marketing company in Chicago, contact us today. We have a large staff with a streamlined focus on many facets of digital marketing, and can help you get the results you are looking for without over-promising. Check back for more great tips and ways to improve your online footprint!


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