Think About a Blog Versus Only Facebook Posts

I’m busy (aren’t we all!) I have three monitors at my desk, and I utilize all three. I keep TweekDeck open on one monitor in the background, with columns showing Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Generally I have a Google Analytics screen on top of it, but while sitting at my desk I will glance at TweetDeck about every hour.

In the last couple of days, I have seen posts by a couple of businesses on Facebook that I like that have taken up my whole column and more in TweetDeck. It has bothered me since it takes up the whole column and I am forced to scroll to see other posts. Below is an example (I blurred the post to protect the innocent!):

Long Facebook post on TweetDeck

Long Facebook post on TweetDeck

As I sat blogging and saw the post, it made me wonder if they had a blog, or posted this information on their own website. So, I started snooping around their website and started realizing I could not remember the last time I was at their website. There was a lot of new information, products to buy, information on events, etc.

I went back through their Facebook posts and saw that in almost every instance all their information was on their posts and fans were not directed to the website. I had obviously missed a couple of Facebook posts and had not been encouraged to visit their website in any of the posts I had seen. I was missing a lot!

Obviously trying to send your fans to your website on every post isn’t feasible. But consider the length of the post above, this is a great opportunity to provide a teaser and link to read more on a blog. Now you have an interaction at your website, not just Facebook, and your visitors can see a lot more than just one Facebook post. Whether it is an event or a new product, use the blog page to include links to other parts of your site.

The key is good content. Do not just link to products on your Facebook posts, create content that fans will be willing to link to more.

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