Social Media – First Place for New Information – Is Your Business Using It?

Yesterday the Casey Anthony trial came to an end with a not guilty verdict on the murder charge. How did I find out about the verdict? CNN? Reuters? ABC? Any of the other big time news outlets? No. I found out on Facebook. Confirmed by Twitter.

It wasn’t as though I was sitting just waiting for the verdict to come down, I just happened to refresh my Facebook page on my iPhone, and there were all my friends voicing their opinion. Very different from the 1995 O.J. verdict where you had to be near a television or radio to know what was going on.

Many companies believe they don’t have anything worthwhile to share on Facebook or Twitter. But as a medium I visit multiple times in a day, where I get more news and information on some days because I don’t have time to read every alert from CNN (or refuse to so I don’t get too depressed), these companies could be missing out. Here are a couple of quick examples of ways to use Facebook or Twitter to boost interest:

  • Local ice cream store posts what the flavor of the day is (I’m a sucker for mint chocolate chip and seeing that could entice to make a special trip for a special treat)
  • Slow day at your retail store? Post a sale of 25% off all items between 3-5 p.m.
  • Just got a new shipment in of a hot item, post it, make sure everyone knows you have it
  • New website design? Show it off, post a link

There are endless ways to say in front of your audience in social media. Remember, no one will create a buzz about your business unless you start the conversation.

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