Web Analytics

Informing intelligent decisions

It is no secret that one of the most distinct advantages of online marketing over more traditional channels is measurement. The technological advances in data capture, aggregation, delivery and analysis have been the catalyst for a shift in the way website visitor data is utilized. While still important for feeding technical and design decision-making, visitor behavior is widely being used to power marketing and merchandising decisions.

Lever Interactive provides a full-range of web analytics consulting services, including analytics platform selection through advanced web data analysis. Our seasoned web analytics professionals provide the experience needed to glean the right information from the data collected. Lever Interactive works closely with top websites to extrapolate more from the data than simple reports. Well-versed in top web analytics platforms (Google Analytics, WebTrends, Omniture), Lever Interactive’s web analytics services include:

  • Platform Selection – finding the analytics package that best suits the site/application
  • Set up/Configuration – working with internal staff to assure tracking code is properly installed and capturing the right data
  • Data Validation – determining the integrity of data, identifying gaps, reconciling with external systems
  • Attribution Modeling – properly measuring contribution of channels, modeling non-web channels for appropriate attribution assignment
  • Segmentation Analysis – defining how different visitor sets interact with a site and identifying methods to better segment
  • Report Development – developing custom reports tailored to the needs of each client
  • Analysis – full-service analytics, leveraging the Lever Interactive team to provide insights and analysis
  • Web Analytics Training – helping internal staff learn web analytics best practices

Google Analytics Experts

Looking for help with Google Analytics? We can provide custom configurations to help make Google Analytics work smarter for you.


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