SEM Account Transition

Client:  Global company that's one of the nation’s leading designers, manufacturers & retailers of home furnishings.


The client’s previous agency decided to discontinue their contract after several years and indicated that they were not willing to release the existing accounts to the client or a new agency. Lever interactive was tasked with rebuilding the search account from scratch.


Lever Interactive utilized a transition plan developed specifically for such situations to create new accounts with raw data downloads. In addition, with ‘quick win’ changes to the data for optimization, Lever was able to overcome the lack of account history rather quickly.


  • With the transition and ‘quick win’ optimizations to the data of the accounts, Lever was able to surpass the former agency’s conversions immediately
  • In the first three weeks of the transition, Lever produced 44% more conversions than the three weeks prior under the former agency
  • Conversions continued to grow as the account grew to over 25 Google accounts with rapid expansion of clients paid search efforts

Conversions chart

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