International Expansion

Client:  Online apparel retailer


Client became aware that its reach and buzz had expanded outside of the United States. Internally, the client developed an international mailing process while translating its ecommerce site into other languages. Expecting rapid growth internationally, they engaged Lever – who was already managing their domestic paid search – to rapidly expand their reach internationally.


Lever Interactive has worked on the rapid expansions of campaigns domestically and adjusted the process accordingly for the international scope of this new project. Utilizing engine geo-targeting tools, Lever quickly expanded paid search campaigns to over 30 countries. Lever accomplished this using both English as well as translated versions of keywords and ads.


  • Client immediately saw strong results with clicks from international locations in the first month
  • Due to rapid expansion in the first two months, international impressions surpassed domestic impressions in month three of the clients international expansion
  • After three months, the client’s total number of transactions (international and domestic) increased by 40% while revenue increased by 108%

Impressions chart
Clicks chart

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