Driving Organic Growth for Manufacturers through SEO

Client: Lawn Care Product Manufacturer


For any organization with a main website that also contains affiliate, dealer or local location pages, ensuring those partner pages are incorporated into the main domain, along with a strong local SEO strategy is critical to the overall SEO plan.

When Lever onboarded an OEM client, their dealer site was a separate domain from their main website.  And the dealer site was vast, with 1,600 dealers each with around 15-20 pages. To drive results for the client’s main site, it quickly became clear that this would be a multi-year project, and anything we did with it needed to scale.


Lever recommended bringing their dealer site into the main domain, inside a /dealers/ subfolder. This would allow the dealer pages to have the domain authority of the main site and reduce the potential for conflicts between client.com and client-dealer.com on the search results page.


  • Created scalable templates for titles, meta descriptions, and on page content
  • Ensured all URL redirects were in place and the new dealers pages were indexed by the search engines
  • Focused on targeting local repair and service keywords
  • Added local business structured data tags to the dealer pages through Google Search Console
  • Identified and resolved issues with the site’s auto-generating sitemaps


    By putting together a multi-year plan with low-effort and scalable tasks, we were able to increase traffic and new users for the client. We were also able to push the seasonal traffic peak later in the year and keep traffic high into early fall.

    Year 2: Increased traffic 42% and new users by 55%
    Year 3: Increased traffic 74% and new users by 90%

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