Lever Interactive Opens Chicago Office

Lever Interactive is pleased to announce an expansion of our presence in this great city with the opening of our new Chicago office at 318 West Adams, right across from the Sears ...er, Willis... Tower. Adding this Chicago office to our main office in Lisle will help Lever continue our exceptional client service to our downtown clients, as well as accommodate team members’ commutes and schedules. 

“Over the past years, with our growth of both clients and employees, it has become essential to have an office in a central location like downtown Chicago,” said Chris Gilmartin, President and Founder of Lever Interactive.

The Chicago Lever office is home to permanent team members and allows employees from other locations to use the co-working space when in the city, providing both convenience and opportunities.

Below are some photos of the new space. We hope to see you there sometime soon!

Ashley at Chicago office
Chicago office reception area
Chicago office conference rooms
Chicago office co-working space
Chicago office co-working space
Chicago office co-working space

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