How to View More Than 500 Rows in Google Analytics v5

On occasion we need to review or download more than 500 rows of data from Google Analytics. In the old version of GA, you could select any view, and append “&limit=1000” to the URL and use the export to CSV option to view 1,000 rows. Simply by changing the number on the end of that string would provide you with the number of rows you needed.

To achieve the same result in the new Google Analytics, navigate to your report and select the drop down to show 25 rows, and notice how the URL changes:


Simply change the last number before the dash, in the above example “25” to the number of rows you want to see:

and now you will see 1,000 rows of data, as well as be able to export all of those rows in one export.

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  1. Awesome! That’s going to save me heaps of time switching back to V4 and adding the old “&limit=50000” to the URL. That was flaky at best, but this seems to do a better job.

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