How to Create a Facebook Landing Page and Entice Users to “Like” You

You’ve heard the stats before- 800 million active users, over half of them logging on in any given day, 350 million mobile users- Facebook has become a dominant part of the online world.

So how do businesses begin to leverage their Facebook presence? One element to consider is a Facebook landing page. Instead of the fan page wall, the landing page can be the first thing a visitor sees when they reach your page. This allows you to control your first impression, and it can help turn a visitor into a fan. Custom landing pages have been around for a little while now, but with more businesses getting involved in Facebook every day, we wanted to take a look at the basics of designing and launching a Facebook landing page.

Facebook Landing Page Example

Designing Your Landing Page

The main thing you need to remember while designing your landing page is the layout cannot be wider than 520 pixels; the height is up to you. Two best practices to incorporate into your page – include design elements from your current website and brand and include a call-to-action button near the top or use an arrow to point to the page’s like button. In Lever’s case, I put a “Click The Like Button” graphic under the logo as well as the “Like Lever Interactive” text in the final paragraph. Below is another example from one of our clients (we did not design this page).

Facebook Coupon Network Landing Page


Developing Your Landing Page

Developing your landing page can range from easy to difficult depending on which method you choose and your level of understanding HTML. One of the easiest ways to develop the page is to install apps.

  • Wildfire’s iFrame for Pages App is among the easiest to use and includes custom HTML and image options and Fan Gate (Like Gate) options. An example for using this app would be a landing page with one image (either upload from the app or stored on your server) that links to a page on your site.Fan Gating or Like Gating requires a user to “Like” your page before they can receive the desired content, gain access to information or enter a contest or sweepstakes.
    Difficulty Level: Low – Moderate
  • Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) is another free app that will add a box to your page in which you can render HTML or FBML for customization. An example for using this app would be a landing page that has three paragraphs with different keywords bolded and an image near the top. The page is coded in HTML and the image is stored on your server.
    Difficulty Level: Low – Moderate
  • Facebook Developers Page allows you to build with Open Graph and integrate your app with Facebook’s core experience. An example for using this app would be a landing page that includes a sign up form that connects directly to your company’s database.
    Difficulty Level: Moderate – High

Landing Page Options

After the landing page has been created you will need to edit some settings so this page is the first thing visitors see, instead of your wall. From your landing page click Edit Page in the upper right.

Note: You will need to be logged in and an admin to edit the page.

Facebook Edit Page

If you’ve installed an app choose the Apps link and then the Edit Settings Link under your apps name. You can now change the title of the tab. By default Wildfire’s apps tab is labeled Welcome.

Facebook Edit Apps Settings

After you’ve made the change, click Manage Permissions and look for the Default Landing Tab option. Choose the name of your app and click Save Changes.

Facebook Manage Permissions

You landing page is now the first thing visitors will see if they are not already a fan. To test your new landing page, log out of your account and visit your fan page.

Studies have shown that Facebook landing pages convert better than just having the wall show first. Keep your landing page simple and show content that will intrigue your visitors. If you are running a contest or have an item you give away for free, Fan Gating is a great option to increase your Likes. Here are some more examples to get your creative juices flowing.

Do you or your company have a Facebook landing page or did you create one after reading this post? Leave a comment below with a link to your Facebook landing page.

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