Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools) – Submit URLs with Fetch as Google

Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) includes a “Fetch as Google” feature that allows website owners an opportunity to submit new and updated URLs direct to Google for indexing. This is not a guaranteed way to get indexed, but according to Google, using this submission process will cause the Googlebot to crawl your URL, usually within a day.

There are several good uses for using this feature:

  • Launched a new site or new important pages you want Google to recognize faster than normal
  • Updated important pages or pages with time sensitive information (i.e. an event you are hosting next week)
  • Updated pages with correct content (i.e. in case you publish content on a page that is incorrect or did not intend to publish)

How to Submit URLs

  1. Under the Crawl menu on the left-hand side of your Search Console dashboard, select “Fetch as Google”.
  2. Enter the URL. Note that the core URL of the site you are logged in under is already provided. Leave the box blank if you wish to submit the homepage.
  3. You can select to fetch either the desktop or mobile version of the pages. Select Fetch and Render to see how the Googlebot sees your page.
  4. If fetched successfully, “Request Indexing” link will now appear.
  5. Upon selecting “Request Indexing” you will be prompted to indicate if you want to submit only the URL or the URL and all linked pages.
  6. Once you have submitted your URL you will receive a confirmation.

All URLs submitted through this process should have content that is appropriate for Google search results.

When to use Fetch as Google

Fetch as Google is an especially useful tool when time is of the essence for that page or pages to possibly show in the Google search results. Another great use would be for content that is substantially new to your website, such as a new service or product that is outside your normal offerings.

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