So what exactly makes Lever Interactive different? There are many reasons. The easiest to explain is that we shouldn’t feel much like an agency at all. Instead, we prefer to be an extension of your marketing team. When you face a challenge, so do we. We also have solutions, and we’d love to help you. Whether you’re a prospective client or an eager job seeker, below are seven differentiators which show why you should choose to work with us.


Holistic performance means measuring success beyond single campaign or channel KPIs. Evaluating the comprehensive marketing strategy and developing tactics based off shared learnings is fundamental to Lever’s true partnership approach. It’s essential to who we are, crafting a two-way exchange of trust, ideas, and information to create authentic Our commitment to secure your first-party data while exploring innovative solutions is just one reason why we have a 96% satisfaction rating.




Our clients have called us “right-sized”, but what does that mean? We’re big enough to offer full-scale, full-service, omni-channel digital marketing, while remaining agile enough to provide tailored solutions. On average, a Lever team member works on less than three , meaning your business is never out of view, never overshadowed. Instead, you get a customized reporting cadence and regular touchpoints to highlight wins, share opportunities, and present creative solutions.




Our devotion to thought leadership comes from a company culture carefully created to foster constant learning and proactive account development. So how does this impact you? Your business will benefit from cutting-edge techniques and a top-of-the-line tech stack. And because we reside on the open frontier, you will never receive set-it-and-forget-it management. Our experts will guide you through the digital marketing landscape, deploying forward-thinking and anticipatory solutions to help you reach even the loftiest company goals.


Perspective matters, and our team has extensive experience on both the client and agency side. The result is a thorough understanding of the obstacles and challenges you face. Once again, this allows for a seamless integration between our digital marketing experts and your team. We also wield the power of our key media partners like Google, Bing, and Meta, to provide insights and solutions specific to your needs, while remaining first and foremost an advocate for our clients.


When we enter a partnership with you, your data is always kept in full view. And we always keep it safe, with Lever securing a HITRUST certified system for superior data protection. Performance – wins, losses, and everything in between – provides collective learnings. The goal is to grow and evolve, which is only achievable when honesty and transparency are a priority on both sides. And if you ever need direct access to your secure data, rest assured there are no hidden fees or black boxes.






Big agencies often apply cookie-cutter tactics, minimizing touchpoints to maximize internal efficiencies and profits. We’re not like that. We’re “right-sized”, which means we have the capacity and agility to approach your business with an open mind, ready to provide creative solutions designed to overcome distinctive challenges. With your business objectives front and center, our team of detail-oriented experts offers dynamic, customized insights based on the current landscape and the latest learnings to catapult you past your competition.


Call it Midwestern charm or scrappiness. We’re not into the flash and glamour or the bells and whistles. We like to roll up our sleeves and get things done. We’ve done some great things for our clients, but we’re never satisfied with good enough, and we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re constantly striving to grow and improve both for ourselves and for our clients. That’s just who we are.


Now that you know what makes us different, it’s time for us to make a difference in your digital marketing.