David Sutton

Meet David!

For over six years David has brought a deep expertise of digital marketing to Lever Interactive, and during his tenure has helped redefine what it means to provide A Different Agency Experience. As Vice President, he ensures Lever is providing the highest level of digital marketing agency services, setting a high standard for our integrated approach to campaign planning and execution. Through detail-oriented management, and with candid voice of reason, David oversees our delivery of effective digital marketing strategies designed to meet, and often exceed, marketing and business goals.

Before joining the executive team, David brought success to various media and client services roles where he excelled in building strong, long-lasting, and mutually beneficial relationships with clients. His experience working across all aspects of digital marketing – creative, strategy, media, and analysis – and across many competitive verticals allows David to provide real-world guidance to new and mature campaigns. His expertise also makes him an invaluable resource across all facets of the company, and he is well-known for his visionary leadership, passionate work ethic, and infectious positivity. David’s aptitude for solving complex business problems and his keen eye for innovation have also brought a different lens to the services we offer and have made him an instrumental player in driving new opportunities for clients and the business alike.

As a critical member of the leadership team, David has helped streamline the process of business development, internal operations, and marketing efforts, while remaining at the forefront of unpacking new digital opportunities for both clients and prospects. He has also led efforts to increase security protocols surrounding client data and helped enhance our services by building a best-in-class technology suite. His close relationships with publishers and marketing technology providers keeps him highly attuned to the latest digital marketing trends and capabilities.