Stop Recruiting Already-Enrolled Students

frustrated marketerImagine if there was an admissions counselor, or enrollment specialist, at your university that continuously forgets who the students were that they just enrolled.  And they spent significant money, resources, and time every month re-recruiting those students, instead of identifying and enrolling new students.

That person probably would not be working at your school for long, right?

While this may seem extreme, this is just the kind of thing that happens in the online world all the time! It should not be accepted in your digital recruitment strategies, as it has the same negative impact financially and in student experience.

This can be a challenge in the online world for a few reasons:

1. Accurate & Updated Student Data: This need goes beyond just a school’s current student database. The school email address, phone number, and address associated with current students is not going to be the same information associated with that student in all of their online identities.

Enrolled student data needs to be updated and available in near real-time with a unified picture of the student’s journey to enrollment – online and offline. The offline student CRM data needs to be connected with data from all digital touch points to accurately be able to match enrolled students online.

2. 2nd and 3rd Party Data Issues: Channel and platform audience data, such as affinity, in-market, and intent audiences, are not updated in real-time and students could remain in these lists for months after enrollment based on their online behaviors. This is especially prevalent in education, where enrolled students continue to shop for school supplies, dorm room essentials, financial aid information, etc, after they enroll at a school.

3. Student Decision Journey: Deciding on a college or university is one of the biggest decisions in a person’s life. This journey can take 2+ years and have multiple touch points across channels and devices and offline.

Luckily, Lever Interactive has extensive experience helping colleges and universities of all types and sizes navigate these challenges. We have helped multiple schools decrease student enrollment costs, increase conversion rates, and provide an excellent digital experience for their students.

Contact us today to learn more about how Lever Interactive can help your school.

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