Our Case Study: ThePetStoreonline.com Switches to Miva Merchant

We develop close relationships with our clients so that we can understand their entire business and help where we can succeed even further. We don’t just look at keywords and ads within a paid search campaign, we take into consideration everything, including landing pages, shopping experience on the website, offline marketing, anything we can get our hands on to see what impact those components have on paid search and vice versa. Part of that includes the ecommerce platform the site is utilizing. Understanding the platform’s strengths and weaknesses helps us and the client know what we can highlight as well as limitations the store may have.

In our long-standing relationship with ThePetStoreOnline.com, we had both come to an agreement that the Yahoo store platform the site was using was creating more limitations to the overall conversion rate of the site. With our many successes of using Miva Merchant as an ecommerce platform, we worked closely with ThePetStoreOnline.com to switch from a Yahoo store to Miva Merchant. I recently wrote a guest blog for Miva Merchant about this transition. While no transition is ever easy, one that we had confidence in resulting in even further success for our client was definitely fun and worth it.

Guest Blog: Case Study: The PetStoreOnline.com And Miva Merchant

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