Mobile Marketing Breakfast Recap

Over 150 local marketers, business owners and students gathered together on Thursday, March 10 for our Mobile Marketing Breakfast at Google’s new Chicago office. Lever Interactive and Google each shared insights into using mobile marketing to reach people during their micro-moments.

Mobile Marketing Breakfast Check In

Mobile Marketing Breakfast

The day began with breakfast provided by Google and networking time for attendees as they got checked in and settled.

Chris Gilmartin Lever Mobile Marketing Breakfast Welcome

The presentations began with Lever Interactive Founder Chris Gilmartin welcoming everyone to the event, followed by a brief explanation of who Lever Interactive is and what we do.

Sara Waters Google micro-moments

Next, Sara Waters, Business Development Manager at Google, presented on what micro-moments are and the great opportunity that they present for marketers. A highlight included her mention of nomophobia, which is the “fear of being without mobile device, power source, or service area”. Sara’s key advice towards succeeding in a micro-moment world is to be there, be useful and relevant, be quick, and connect the dots. She finished by showing a video about living in “a keyboardless world”.

Brian Yaro Lever Interactive Identifying Consumers' Micro-Moments

Brian Yaro, Lever’s Manager, Digital-Paid Media, then spoke about identifying and capturing your consumers’ mobile micro-moments. Brian discussed how consumer intent is key in developing a multi-channel marketing program. Micro-moments represent those opportunities to match your offering with your consumers’ intent in their moment of need. He discussed four key Google tools everyone should be using today: predictive search, Google Trends, your existing paid search data, and call tracking. He finished by providing examples of real-life implementations and action steps the audience could take right away to improve their marketing efforts.

Read more about micro-moments in Brian’s latest blog post – Identifying & Capturing Your Consumers’ Micro-Moments.

Mobile Marketing Breakfast Presenters

The presentations closed with a brief Q&A period, followed by time for networking and discussing the topic personally with the presenters.

We hope everyone who attended had a great time. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’re hoping to set up more events in the near future!

More photos:

Some photos from our Mobile Marketing Breakfast hosted with Google at Google Chicago. Thank you to everyone who attended!

Posted by Lever Interactive on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

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