July 4th Weekend Clearance Sales, Is Your Paid Search Up-to-Date?

Isn’t it amazing that we are already at the July 4th holiday? Where does the time go? Probably spent getting ready for your July 4th holiday weekend clearance sale, right? In your preparation, did you update your paid search campaign to target “sale” keywords, or write new ad text highlighting your sale?

It is a common mistake among online retailers. You placed a huge message advertising the sale on your home page, key landing pages and your order confirmation page. You sent out a special sale message to your email marketing campaign list. However, you forget to update your paid search to let the rest of the online world know you are having a sale.

Adding a new campaign and/or ad groups particularly targeting the sale may work the best, depending on your campaign structure. This may include duplicating keywords. You’ll need to “pause” duplicate keywords in their usual ad group, so they are trigged by the new sale ad group. Remember to turn them back on once the sale is over.

Here is a quick list of suggestions:

  • Ads should include the sales information. Indicate the incentive, percentage/amount off, free shipping, no sales, tax, etc. Don’t forget image ads are a colorful and vibrant way to indicate a sale.
  • Include the word “sale” (or similar) in the display URL of the sale ads (e.g. Sale.LeverInteractive.com)
  • Create new keyword phrases by taking existing keywords and adding “sale”, “discount”, “clearance”, “deal”, etc. to them (e.g. if your keyword is “ceiling fan” create a new keyword phrase of “ceiling fan sale”). Remember to check your negative keyword list.

Run frequent sales? It is best to optimize your campaign structure to quickly and easily update your campaign for advertising your sales.

Need help? Contact Lever Interactive for paid search management services. We can help identify the best structure, ad text, and keywords for your campaign.

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