Don’t Under Estimate Content on eCommerce Web Sites

Your web site was created to sell products. Your call to action, navigation and easy checkout system are important, but don’t under estimate the power of well-written, compelling content. When customers go online, 4 of 5 of their senses go offline. Customer can’t touch, smell, taste or hear your product. They can only rely on the image(s) and the product description.

Here are some tips to writing good product descriptions:

Use Specifics
Descriptive words like “large” and “roomy” mean different things to different people. While you don’t want to exclude them, provide measurements to back up the statement.

Limit Superlatives
Web users detest “marketese.” Unless you can back up the statement in some manner, try to limit the use of superlatives like “Best Product,” “Hottest Ever,” etc. Instead offer a list of features allowing the user to determine on their own if it is the “Best Product.” Remember, web users are busy; they want the straight facts. Also, credibility suffers when users clearly see the site exaggerates.

Provide Tips or Usage Examples
Give real-world examples and tips on using a product, particularly if it is new, or has multiple uses.

Don’t be too Fancy
If the item comes in pink, light green and blue, use those common color terms instead of bubble gum, seafoam and indigo. If the manufacturer has offered the products with unusual color names, be sure to give the common color terms alongside the manufacturer’s color name.

Keep it Short
You are competing with millions of other web sites, busy schedules, and the shorter attention span of most potential customers. Keep it simple. Keep it short. Use headlines and bullet lists to help the user scan the text, so they can find their most important reason for buying the product.

If your product descriptions need some work, concentrate on your top 10-20 products first. Make some changes, and test to see if they make a difference. Keep changing and testing until you find the right combination and apply those changes to your remaining inventory.

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