Agencies Should Contact Yahoo about Yahoo Search Marketing Terms and Conditions Change

Yahoo has recently changed their terms and conditions that has the search marketing world in a bit of a tizzy . The paragraph in the Yahoo Search Marketing’s new Terms and Conditions that is causing the fuss:

Sponsored Search 3. OPTIMIZATION. In the U.S. only, for those advertisers not bound by an Insertion Order, we may help you optimize your account(s). Accordingly, you expressly agree that we may also: (i) create ads, (ii) add and/or remove keywords, and/or (iii) optimize your account(s). We will notify you via email of such changes made to your account(s), and can also include a spreadsheet of such changes upon your written request. If you would like any of such changes reversed, please reply to such email within 14 days of the change(s), and we will make commercially reasonable efforts to reverse the change(s) you specifically identify. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you remain responsible for all changes made to your account(s), including all click charges incurred prior to any reversions being made. It is your responsibility to monitor your account(s) and to ensure that your account settings are consistent with your business objectives.

Yikes…a bit scary. However, agencies should contact their Yahoo agency representative to discuss options in regards to this change. Our experience has been that there is flexibilitly that may allow for opting out of this “auto-optimization.”

For those not working with an agency, we can only recommend you call YSM (866-924-6676) and ask the rep what options you might have.

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