We’re a company that streamlines your performance marketing and focuses beyond campaign metrics to move your business forward.

Our Mission

To feel like a different agency experience, we shouldn’t feel much like an agency at all. Instead, we are an integrated enhancement to your team. That way we have a shared focus working toward the same goals that move your business forward. And we truly live that decree, ensuring that our focus doesn’t stop at the metrics.

“Give me a LEVER long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

– Archimedes


Pronounced: [lee-ver]


Lever Interactive is a full-service digital marketing agency located just outside of Chicago. Lever Interactive combines the experience of seasoned industry experts with the latest in advertising technologies. With over 20 years of marketing know-how, the team at Lever Interactive provides leading expertise in today’s most advanced digital marketing opportunities.

Effective marketing is about knowing which “levers” to pull and when in order to maximize the efficiency of your efforts. Continual adjustments and knowledge of their effects are what make performance-based marketing work best.

Our Vision

Developing a mastery in what we know and a curiosity in what we don’t.

Providing a level of service that is worthy of recommendation.
Solving problems others have been unable to solve, or unwilling to take on.

Owning a client-side approach – tackling our clients challenges and objectives with solutions derived from sympathy and empathy.

Providing a demonstratively positive impact on the lives of as many people as we can.
As simple as it sounds, that’s what makes us different.

Meet the leadership team

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Google Optimize

Google Optimize

As a digital media agency, we hold ourselves accountable for the performance of our client's digital marketing campaigns. Doing so involves adequately managing investments towards the best channels, audiences, creatives, bidding, and more from a campaign management...

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Streaming Digital Success with the Growth of Connected TV

Streaming Digital Success with the Growth of Connected TV

Today, with a growing majority of US households - 82.9% or 106.4 million - tuning in to Connected TV (CTV), it's no secret that it is already dominating traditional or linear TV. Along with this preeminence comes a new, complementary digital advertising channel that...

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Employee Spotlight: Miguel Gomez

Employee Spotlight: Miguel Gomez

Lever Interactive Promotes Miguel Gomez to Digital Media Manager It's our pleasure to announce that Miguel Gomez has been promoted to Digital Media Manager. Miguel has expanded his ownership of client campaigns over the past two years, while also developing his...

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