3 Quick Ways to Get Noticed On Twitter and Gain Followers

Many people jump on Twitter, start tweeting and realize followers just do not magically appear just because someone has something to say. Here are three quick tips for novice users to get noticed on Twitter and start gaining followers:

1. Participate in the trend

Those who know me personally know how passionate I am about football (Go Steelers!). The end of the NFL lockout is big news in my house, and something I would like to tweet to show my enthusiasm. A quick look at tweets by football players I follow and several are using the same hashmark: #LockoutOver. (Help with hashmark). To participate in the trend and have my tweet show up in a search, I just need to add the hashmark to my tweet, and it has the potential to seen by many more than just my followers.

Participate in Twitter Trend

2. Follow your followers, and their followers, and who they are following…

I am not saying to follow everyone that follows you, or everyone they follow, etc. but follow those that interest you. Think of it as simple networking. Look at who is following your followers, or who they follow. You should start to see similar trends, passions, ideas, etc. As you branch out, you become more visible to others as well.

3. Give a link to your Twitter account any where you can

Seems simple, but I if I had a dime for every email without a signature complete with name, title, company and other pertinent information like phone number or website, that I receive I could retire. Review your email signature and include a link to your Twitter account.

Use the link or your username whenever possible, but be careful of sharing a link on forums, make sure you are following the rules of the community. But if allowed, by all means include it.

And if you are tweeting for business, make sure to include your username on your business card.

Have fun tweeting!

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