2012 Online Marketing Wish List, A Look Forward

As a follow-up to yesterday’s blog post on Lever’s favorite new online marketing tools and features from 2011, we’ve now compiled a wish list for new features and capabilities in 2012.

Below is a list of the 5 advancements Lever’s staff would like to see in popular online marketing tools this year. In no particular order:

  1. More insights into Google AdWords Ad Extensions.

    Currently the reporting interface only gives you the more basic metrics (impressions, clicks, cost, and average position). However, it does not provide any data on if the ad extension was clicked itself (vs. the ad), which ad extension link was clicked (i.e. across sitelinks) or if the user converted after clicking through the ad extension. While the information currently provided is helpful (and there are ways to track more details through web analytics tools), expanded reporting would be a great addition in 2012 as ad extensions become more and more a general best practice for advertisers. – Danyl H.

  2. Improved ad scheduling capabilities in Microsoft AdCenter.

    AdCenter made a number of advancements in 2011 to bring its management capabilities closer to par with AdWords, but there is still a wish list for many advertisers who use the tool. One for Lever includes better ad scheduling (or day parting) capabilities. Instead of being able to specify the exact times of day you would like ads to turn on and off, AdCenter currently only provide six different time span options. If your strategy does not fit within those time windows, you are unable to customize further. – Brad B.

  3. Facebook integrated conversion tracking.

    Facebook previously tested tracking conversions within their advertising platform, but then removed the feature, leaving advertisers to rely only on outside web analytics tools to track ROI of the advertising. Ideally in 2012, we’ll see lead data return to Facebook and be able to view it at the various demographic and interest target levels. This would help align Facebook more closely with major search engine capabilities. – Jamie W.

  4. Affordable SEO link campaign tools.

    There are several SEO tools that boast an “unlimited” number of backlinking opportunities and insights with “heavy competitive analysis”. But they all come with a hefty price. This may be a great opportunity for enterprise companies or agencies, but for the more typical SEO agency, the costs and “unlimited” capabilities are unnecessary. My 2012 SEO wish list includes finding a more affordable, pared down, all-in-one linking tool to help prospect potential linking partners, guest blogging opportunities and comment opportunities that are simple, clean and scalable. – Mike H.

  5. AdWords apps for tablets and smart phones.

    Although I primarily use my iPad and smart phone for personal use, the ability to access and update Google AdWords accounts on my tablet or phone is near the top of my 2012 wish list. Currently the AdWords website usually causes iPad browsers to crash, forcing me to rely on a desktop or laptop computer (which I now rarely turn on at home thanks to the iPad). Plus, the ability to make a campaign change on my phone or tablet while on the go will allow for easier campaign management. With the growing popularity of tablets within business (I see more and more marketers bring them to meetings) I imagine Google is working on this capability. Whether it will arrive in 2012 is yet to be seen. -Eileen B.

Those are just a few of the many possible online marketing wish list items for 2012. What advancements, big or small, do you hope to see in 2012?

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