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Permission-based email marketing continues to be an efficient way to market – and re-market – to your customers. Well-timed, precision-crafted messaging can provide a significant increase in sales. From delivery of the right message through tracking and analysis, Lever Interactive provides an integrated approach to your email marketing. Partnered with effective offline strategies, email marketing can be the anchor in your marketing mix. Our email marketing professionals can provide your marketing team with the support you need to properly execute effective email marketing initiatives.

Lever Interactive works with the leaders in email marketing services and technologies to provide a managed solution for clients.

Lever Interactive provides:

Campaign/Contact Strategy Development

Lever Interactive’s email team plans email marketing campaigns based on client goals and years of experience. By implementing Lever Interactive’s effective contact strategies, clients reap the benefit of avoiding common email marketing mistakes.

Creative Development

From concept to execution, Lever Interactive provides email creative and design services that deliver increased open and conversion rates.


Working with the leaders in e-mail marketing solutions and services, Lever Interactive leverages best of breed technology and resources to solve issues surrounding deliverability and spam. Lever Interactive provides guidance from professionals focused on the Technology, Policy & Processes and Legislative and Industry issues that may affect the deliverability of e-mail campaigns.

Sending, Tracking, Reporting and Analysis

As a full-service solution, Lever Interactive’s email marketing services handle all execution aspects of the campaigns, including list set up, segmentation, sending, tracking and reporting. Our custom reports provide deep understanding into the effectiveness of each campaign and insight designed to help refine future campaigns.

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