Case Studies

Lead growth and efficiency case studies

Lever maximized the efficiency of a National Culinary School‘s paid search program, increasing leads by more than 20x, reducing the CPL by 80%, and increasing the conversion rate by more than 400%!    View Case Study >>

Lever’s SEO techniques helped an online Consumer Electronics Retailer grow their revenue by 43% in 9 months!    View Case Study >>

Growth through SEO case studies

Call Tracking Maximizes Efficiency case study

Lever helped an eCommerce Retailer increase revenue by 66% and decrease effective revenue share (ERS, or cost/revenue) by 70% year-over-year using call tracking.    View Case Study >>

Lever helped an Aggregator of Storage Facilities overcome a Google penalty and increase their visits by 114% and revenue by 160% in 20 weeks.    View Case Study >>

Overcoming a Google Penalty SEO Case Studies
International expansion case studies

In 3 months, Lever helped an online Apparel Retailer grow their international transactions by 40% and revenue by 108%!     View Case Study >>

Lever utilized call tracking to increase a Furniture Repair Service Provider’s month-over-month calls by 220% despite spending 19% less, improving call efficiency by 75%.    View Case Study >>

Call Tracking Case Study
SEM Account Transition Case Studies

Despite having to start from scratch, Lever produced 44% more conversions  in the first 3 weeks after a Furniture Retailer transitioned from an agency who refused to cooperate and share client data.     View Case Study >>

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