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2012 Super Bowl Predictions

Posted by on February 3, 2012 within Lever Interactive, Office Fun. | No Comments

It’s 4:00pm CT on the Friday, we’re taking a break on the blog from the normal business of online marketing and focusing on what everyone else is talking about this weekend- the Super Bowl!

Head over to the Lever Interactive Facebook page and cast your prediction for 2012 Super Bowl champion.

Super Bowl Facebook Voting

Currently the Giants are just edging out the Patriots in our highly scientific poll. With “Who cares, I’m just watching for the commercials” coming in a close third.

And as someone who grew up almost directly half way between Boston and New York, with my mom from Massachusetts and my dad from New York, my vote could really go either way.  I’m not a fan of either team (Go Ravens! or Jets!), so for me it comes down to which team I dislike the least…the New York Giants.

Stay tuned next week for our blog post about Lever’s favorite Super Bowl commercials and best integrations into online marketing campaigns.

Written by ebuleza

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