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Performance marketing should perform. Getting traffic is easy. Getting results is a different story. Fortunately, we know that story well. We’re a Chicago-area digital marketing agency that maximizes the effectiveness of your online marketing, helping you grow your business and build your future.

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We are a digital marketing agency.

What do we do? In short, we solve problems so you can succeed. Do you sell a great product or service, but need to make it easier for potential customers to find your company online? Are you falling behind your competitors in important search results? Is your website under-performing? We offer a number of solutions to help maximize your potential and get results.

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Search Engine Marketing

Paid search marketing is extremely beneficial for marketers with the resources to maximize performance. While on the surface a seemingly simple channel, effective search engine marketing requires more than things like keyword selection and bid management. Lever Interactive provides advanced paid search marketing management for advertisers looking to improve and grow this vastly dynamic channel.    Learn more >>

Search Engine Optimization

The question we answer most often is “How can I be number one in Google for the keyword [insert your term here]?” While there is no short answer, and no shortage of misinformation coming from other so-called SEO providers, Lever Interactive provides proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and tactics to help improve not only ranking, but sales/actions gained from organic search engine traffic.   Learn more >>

Social Media Marketing

No company is too large or too small to participate in social media. All that matters is that you make an effort to connect with your target audience through their favorite media channels. With the help of Lever Interactive and our team of social media experts, you can become part of this ongoing and interactive conversation with the audiences that drive your business.    Learn more >>

Web Analytics

Measurement and attribution are two critical elements of any marketing campaign. Website analytics provide us a window into prospect and customer behavior rarely seen in other mediums. However, data in itself is useless without proper interpretation and analysis. Lever Interactive has a team of advanced analytics experts who can provide the insights and actionable recommendations to help you set up, monitor and leverage your web analytics data.    Learn more >>

Display Advertising

Work with Lever Interactive to develop custom online display campaigns that will maximize exposure and reach and, ultimately, drive new prospects towards the desired action. Working closely with top display networks, Lever handles all of the set up and network coordination to get each display program up and running smoothly.   Learn more >>

Web Design & Optimization

An effective web design is more than just about pretty pictures and clean layout. A well-designed website serves as both the communication and transaction portal, and the layout of a website design should be a catalyst driving the desired actions. A properly designed website must include optimizations for dependents such as search engines, servers and browser compatibility. Learn more >>


We live in an always-connected society, and Internet traffic is increasingly coming from mobile sources. If you want to reach your audience online, mobile advertising must now play a central role in your marketing plan. Lever Interactive can help you reach mobile users in a variety of ways – from mobile-specific search engine marketing and mobile display advertising to optimizing your website for mobile traffic.    Learn more >>

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“Lever is exceptionally knowledgeable and provides a high level of service and support. Lever’s team works in a highly consultative fashion, understanding the complexity of their task in our environment and patiently working through details of our implementation. I highly recommend Lever Interactive for complex online marketing… that require[s] careful attention to detail with a high level of service and support.”
Cam Balzer | VP of Marketing, SkinnyCorp (

We help people like you succeed.

Lever’s SEO techniques helped an online Consumer Electronics Retailer grow their revenue by 43% in 9 months!

In 3 months, Lever Interactive helped an online Apparel Retailer grow their international transactions by 40% and revenue by 108%!

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